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Innovative Financial Answers
The  Tailored Portfolio
Goals & Objectives
Equity Investment  Philosophy
Fixed Income Selection Process

Compliments equity component to lower portfolio risk


Ranges: Intermediate maturities (2 - 8 years)

  Portfolio Structure

Laddered based on best risk / reward characteristics

  Sector Selection

Add value by allocating between U.S. Treasuries, agencies, municipal, & corporate bonds based upon best total return opportunities

  Risk Control

Interest rate risk

  1. Avoid long bonds
  2. Ladder maturities to take advantage of different interest rate periods for reinvestment
  3. Use higher coupon bonds
  Credit Risk

Strict credit criteria - equity approach

  Event Risk

Diversify among U.S. Treasuries, agencies and investment grade municipal and corporate bonds. No more than 5% of portfolio held in any one issuer.


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