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There's no question about it. The financial world is more complex than ever before. Markets more volitile. Choices more daunting.

Investors can choose from over 30,000 stocks, 6,000 mutual funds and a wealth of other possibilities - all offering varying levels of risk and potential return. Turn on the TV and you're bombarded with a vast array of "helpful" information. Turn on your computer and the Internet lets you make your purchases in record time.

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While making your own financial decisions has never been easy; today's complex times make it more difficult than ever before. That's why you may need a skilled professional to help you define your investment objectives, risk preference and time horizon.

Since 1972, Harold Davidson & Associates, Inc. has counseled individuals, families companies, charities and other organizations with a unique approach to investing. Combining investment expertise in both securities and investment real estate, Dr. Davidson has created as well as preserved family wealth for a wide range of private clients, many of whom have been with the firm for decades.

All of our clients receive the kind of financial expertise, personal attention and long-term guidance that's simply not available from discount brokers, most large financial institutions or online services. We believe that regular, in-person meetings are the best way for you to keep us informed of your changing circumstances, so we can adjust your investments to meet your objectives. And, unlike commission-based brokers who might have a vested interest in specific products, we're fee-based and objective. Our only objective is in keeping your best interests in mind.


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