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Many investment firms limit their portfolios to stock and bonds. But the realities of a constantly changing marketplace have convinced us that a broader approach is a wiser approach.

After all, there's a world of opportunity in the vital and growing real estate market.


Dr. Davidson, long recognized as an industry expert in real estate research and investment, not only brings great insight to the firm's real estate investments, but gives our client access to a universe of possibilities rarely explored by ordinary investment counseling firms.

This includes an active participation in the dynamic first trust deed market. These short term investment opportunities in "fixer-up" properties in the Los Angeles Area not only earn excellent returns, but help beautify and stabilize changing neighborhoods.

While not appropriate for every investor, real property can add needed diversification to a portfolio while providing regular income and significant tax advantages. Because of the illiquid and cyclical nature of real estate, we recommend that clients limit their real estate investments as a percentage of their overall portfolio.

Certain investments dictate that we become actively involved in the operations and management of the property. Our expertise also includes disposition analysis and the marketing of property holdings.


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